I’m trying something a little different for the blog today, as I bring you the very first Solway Shepherd review!

Back in November, the team at integra.boot kindly sent me a pair of their Fortis Safety wellies to put through their paces. Now, I’ve never done a product review before but after a quick chat I agreed to put the boots through their paces over the winter months to see how they held up.


Intergra.boot Fortis wellies after  a few months of shepherding, lambing and scanning

I’ve never been one for expensive, top of the range wellies, mainly because I don’t want to blow a couple of hundred quid on the likes of Le Chameau, et al only to cover them in raddle, marker spray, blood and other bodily fluids, or  have a ewe or cow stamp a hole in them. As a result, I’ve always opted for the cheapest thing on offer at Tarff (our local agricultural merchants) and have, to date, used Land Masters and a disappointing pair of Bekina boots.

The first thing I noticed (a game changer for me) was the cold resistance, with the wellies protecting and insulating your feet down to -30 degrees celsius. Anyone who follows me on social media will have noticed me regularly moaning about having cold hands and feet while out on the quad bike, so having a pair of insulated wellies makes a hell of a difference.

I took the Fortis wellies down to Cornwall to see how they held up at lambing time, and the boots took all the iodine, flukicide, marker spray and general lambing gunk that I could throw at them. They came out the other side looking well loved and lived in but definitely no worse for wear! The steel toe caps came in handy too, as for the first time in the last couple of years I’ve been able to catch, lamb and work with ewes without the fear of having my feet stamped on. Granted it wasn’t so much of an issue working with 60 odd kilo Poll Dorsets, but it will make a massive difference when it comes to working with our great, big Scotch Mules who love nothing more than making a mess of my tootsies at lambing time.


I feel that the quality and features you get for the price, which isn’t much higher than the basic boots I’ve previously used (the Fortis retails at £46.98), make the intergra.boot Fortis welly great value for money. I definitely felt the difference, so next time you’re in the market for a new pair of wellies, why don’t you give integra.boot a try and see if you #feelthedifference too?


While intergra.boot kindly provided me with a pair of Fortis safety wellies to review free of charge, the review in this post is 100% my own opinion. The post has not been sponsored and I have not been paid or influenced by integra.boot in any way. I just think they’re a bloody good pair of wellies!



2 thoughts on “Integra.boot

  1. Oh they look fab and very reasonably priced. We’ve been stung a few times by reps selling boots not half as good as that. I especially like how warm they sound. There’s nothing worse than frozen feet when you’re trying to work.
    Great review. I am
    Hoping for more now 🙂


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