I did a few posts entitled Follow a Farmer last year, that I’d hoped to make into a series of blogs looking at various farmers and what they do. I really enjoyed the two I did on Sophie Barnes and James Rebanks, and from what I remember they were received well, but I somehow got off track and never managed to return to do another one.

I’ve had a little rethink on the format and have decided to go back to my writing roots to conduct a series of short interviews with farmers that continue to motivate and inspire me to keep going and striving to improve.

I’ve been very lucky to encounter some wonderful farmers over the last year or so and I’m hoping to shine a little spotlight on them and give you a little insight in to their world and what they do to put food on your tables!

I’ve chosen to kick off the series with a young man who I think is a real inspiration, Ethan Kinney. He has had an incredible journey in to agriculture and he’s only 16 years old!

My interview with Ethan will be up on the site next Friday, with new interviews following every Friday.





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