After a long and anxious wait, we finally scanned the ewes last week.

Thanks to the raddle, we had a good idea that the rams had been doing their jobs, but until the ewes have been scanned and you know that a) they are carrying lambs and b) how many lambs you can expect come spring, you just never know!

Thankfully, they all scanned well. Our young ewe hoggs (last years lambs that have been kept for breeding) are all now carrying lambs of their own, and the bought in Mule gimmers have done well too.

Most pleasing of all, rather selfishly, are my Lleyns, who scanned at 200%. All being well, they will each produce a set of twins, the very first lambs of the Solway Lleyn flock. I recently signed up to the Lleyn Gold scheme, a basic performance recording scheme run by the Lleyn Sheep Society, so these lambs will be weighed at about 6-8 weeks old and again at weaning, with the very best performers being kept on as breeding stock.

After scanning the sheep were all given their Heptavac P+ booster vaccines and then split into groups. Ewes carrying twins and triplets are now being fed a small amount of cake to ensure they are getting enough food of nutritional value to help lambs grow and to ensure ewes produce enough milk.

We now have another 6 weeks or so to take care of the ewes and prepare for lambing, before the first are due to arrive.


One thought on “Scanning

  1. Hello! I just read about your life changing career move on the BBC website and just wanted to drop you a few lines to say how wonderful it is that a younger person is going into farming. I am not involved in farming in any way myself but come from a long line of farmers historically and there really is no more important calling in so many ways. as in so many other ways modern people have become so disconnected with the very fabric of agriculture that it passes most of them by, I am sure. My interest in what you are doing is, therefor, philosophical but also practical. I am an amateur spinner and am interested in all sorts of things to do with wool. Your Welsh sheep look lovely and I hope they do well for you. Wool is so under used and I am hoping that it has a future again in a world where oil, although cheaper again now, will eventually run out and wool will once again come into its own in clothing and in the building trade as insulation. I wish you the very best of luck with your enterprise and will be following your progress.


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