Hey folks, another busy few weeks here on the farm. I’ve been juggling uni work, thrilling paperwork, contract shepherding, writing, summer jobs such as mowing and hauling bales, so unfortunately the blog has had to go on the back-burner for a wee while.


Yesterday was quite a long day, spent at Wallets Marts annual show and sale of Scotch Mule gimmers. We went with a view to purchasing some new stock to help grow our commercial flock and came away with two pens of gimmers.

IMG_2272[1] IMG_2274[1]

It was a good day, with some fantastic ewes on show, and it was great to see our local mart so busy. With other Scottish marts going through financial struggles in recent times, it was great to see people packed around the ring and queuing out the door.

The ewes were brought back by a local haulier, while I stayed behind to help one of my contract shepherding clients load his new purchases on to his trailer.

The ewes are settling in and have mixed well. They will be kept apart from the rest of the flock for about 3 weeks, that just gives us some time to monitor them and ensure they don’t contaminate the flock with any illnesses they may be carrying.


The flock has now about quadrupled in size, with the 50+ ewes purchased yesterday adding to the 15 or so ewes and lambs that we will be keeping on from last year. These will be put to a Texel ram, which we’ll purchase at one of the Ram sales next month, in October ahead of lambing in March.

There’s plenty of exciting things on the horizon, so expect plenty of blogs in the future but if you want to keep up with my more regular updates you can follow me on Twitter, Instagram or on my brand new Facebook page!


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