Yesterday kicked off with an early start (even by farming standards!) to make the journey cross country for our now annual trip to the Royal Highland Show.

After shearing the day before, getting up at the crack of dawn and driving for the best part of four hours is never on top of your wish list but the Highland is a great agricultural show and a good day out, so it was just about worth it!

We went to the show last year, but I hadn’t been working in agriculture all that long, so there were only certain aspects of the show that were of interest. This year however, I had far more experience and knowledge of the industry, as well as a new found interest in sheep, that opened up a whole host of new things to explore. I also had a shopping list this year, which meant there were plenty of trade stalls to have a good old nose around.

As always, one of the highlights is getting to see some of the finest livestock from across the country. I have some experience of cattle showing from my previous job and that was always a very private affair, with all the livestock kept away from the public during preparation, so it was great to be able to walk amongst the sheep pens and see a great selection of tups, ewes and lambs. As we are still toying with ideas of which breeds to use, especially tups, it was really useful to see some great examples up close.

A Scottish Blackface Tup, ready for the show ring.

A Scottish Blackface Tup, ready for the show ring.

Being still quite new to this blogging malarky, I got caught up in the day and forgot to take any great photos. My bad. Plus, it was really busy so there wasn’t always the opportunity to stop and do my best David Bailey impression!

There’s always the opportunity to pick up a good bargain at the shows and Iona did very well for herself, picking up some new additions to her wardrobe which I’m sure she’ll be blogging on in the near future. Don’t forget to check out her blog, and subscribe for all the latest updates. You can find it HERE.

Last year, I picked up a Gloucester Rugby shirt for a tenner (bargain of the century. I nearly got a Munster shirt this year for the same price, but it looked like a dress on me!) but this year I decided I needed to go big or go home. One of the items at the very top of the shopping list was a livestock trailer, so after a good look around and a chat with the salesman, we decided to go ahead and buy an Ifor Williams livestock trailer. We’ll be picking it up mid week, so expect plenty of photos, tweets and possibly a blog then!

The farming papers are always in attendance at the big shows, so I took the opportunity to pick up the latest issues while at the show. While having a quick flick through the Farmers Weekly, it was a pleasant surprise to see one of my recent blog posts had made it on to the opinion pages.


It was pretty cool to see my work grace the pages of a publication as well respected and established as the Farmers Weekly and hopefully this can be the first of many!


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