Back to School

For those of you who already know me well, you’ll be well aware of my intense dislike of school. To be frank, after we got done with the sand pits, free milk and trying to colour in Fireman Sam without going outside the lines, I was pretty much done.

Despite this, I spent all my time between the ages of 3 and 23 in full time education. Thankfully, at age 23 I graduated and fell in to farming, which has turned out to be the most satisfying and rewarding thing I have ever done. Ironically, it has led me right back to education.

I had an email today confirming that I’ll be heading back to school, to study towards my Masters degree.

I first discovered the Advanced Training Partnership back at the Livestock Event 2014 at the NEC. ATP offers a range of workshops and distance learning modules that can be put towards gaining a post graduate qualification. I had planned to apply to start back in September of 2014, but a combination of lack of experience and confusion about work and moving put me off. Thankfully, they got back in touch a few weeks ago and prompted me to apply!

When I first decided I was going to pursue my interest in farming, I opted to go down the route of learning on the job and gain the vital practical experience as opposed to quitting my job to go back to University or College. Thankfully, by studying through the ATP it gives me the ability to study without having to sacrifice working and gaining practical experience every day.

I left things a little late, but thankfully I was able to get my act together and get my application in. Everyone involved in the ATP, both in Bangor and Aberystwyth, have been excellent and really went out of their way to ensure I knew exactly what to do, and without their assistance I definitely wouldn’t have made it in time.

My first module starts in mid May and I’ll be learning all about genetics, something that has interested me since I first started working in farming.

I’ve already learned so much since I started farming around 15 months ago, now it’s time to get a little bit of theory and knowledge to back up all this practical experience…


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