While mulling over ideas for my next blog, I came to the realisation that I had been neglecting a very important part of our life here on the farm; our chickens. Obviously they haven’t been neglected in real life, they get plenty of corn and fresh water every day and cleaned out regularly (as well as 500 acres of farm to explore at their leisure!), but since the arrival of the sheep they have vanished from the blog.

Well, now seems to be the perfect time for them to make their long overdue return to the limelight!

A lot has changed since this photo was taken!

A lot has changed since this photo was taken!

A lot has changed since my last post on the chickens. They have all grown in to some really beautiful looking birds and are now providing us with 3 or 4 eggs on a daily basis.

The eggs are far superior to any shop bought product that I have ever tasted, so thankfully they are laying enough for us to be able to stop buying from the supermarket!

I don’t know if it’s a placebo effect of knowing that the hens are ours and that the eggs are as fresh and natural as can be, but I’m adamant they look nicer, taste far better and have phenomenally bright and colourful yolks.

The Rooster and a hen

The Rooster and a hen

Our young rooster has developed into a phenomenal specimen! Considering that when he first arrived he was a fluffy runt with bald patches everywhere, he has grown into a really visually striking and colourful bird. He looks exactly like the image of the prototypical rooster, strutting straight from the pages of the pages of a kids book! Unfortunately his development caused all sorts of problems with the older rooster, but we have been able to find him a new home where he can roam free!

The friends we got him and our other chickens from had suffered from a series of fox attacks and as a result had lost the vast majority of their chickens, so were glad to have him back and pecking around their yard again. We delivered him along with a batch of fresh eggs for their incubator. They are now incubating, so hopefully they’ll have some luck in replacing the hens they lost.


Our broody hen on the nest

We too could be expecting some new arrivals, as one of our hens has gone broody! We aren’t desperate for new birds, so we decided rather than getting an incubator we would let nature take its course!

We’re making sure to pop her off the nest every few days for a bit of corn and a drink to keep her healthy, but otherwise we are leaving her well alone to sit on the egg and do her thing. We’ll just have to see how we go…


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