Sorry about the lack of posts folks, but the last few weeks have been pretty hectic.

This morning our final ewe gave birth to triplets and brought lambing 2015 (my very first) to an end.

The last lambs of 2015

The last lambs of 2015

Having only moved up to Scotland in October and bought the ewes in January, I wasn’t really prepared for lambing, but I think that on the whole it’s gone really well. On the whole, the mules made things really easy for us, and we would often get up in the morning to find they had lambed over night and the little ones would be clean, up and suckling. We did have to get involved with a few but there was only one really problematic delivery.

I think the biggest shock for me was just how exhausting lambing has been. Even though I’ve only had 16 to lamb, I feel like I’ve barely stopped over the past few weeks. Whether it’s checking on the ewes, bedding up and mucking out, checking feed and water or feeding the pet lambs, there’s always something to do. Even when you do have 5 minutes for a sit down, a cup of tea or to grab some food, your brain is always on, planning what needs doing, checking you have everything you need or making a mental list of what needs picking up from the agricultural merchants. You’re always on.

Some of the Class of 2015

Some of the Class of 2015

Despite the long days and the exhaustion, it has been absolutely worth it. Our 16 ewes have been joined by 33 lambs, far more than we were expecting due to some confusion over scanning, and it is so rewarding to see them all running and hopping around in the fields.

So much has happened during lambing, and there’s a million and one things I learned along the way, I obviously can’t cram it all in to one blog, so think of this as a brief update. I’m sure I’ll share more things and introduce you to some of the new arrivals in various posts in the weeks and months to come.


5 thoughts on “Lambing 2015

  1. At last – the lambing is sucessfully done. After your last post I was sure there would be some time before there was an update. All the more I’m happy with you that all went well. You can be very proud of this achievement.

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  2. So happy to hear it went well. I’m helping out with a flock next month and it will be my first time lambing. I can’t wait although am very much nervous too.

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  3. Thanks everyone! I really appreciate all your comments and feedback. A big thanks for sticking with me during the quiet period, I was worried interest might have dropped off after all the silence, so it’s really great that you’re all still here!


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