After taking a look at the future, we were brought right back to the present with a bump on Tuesday morning with the discovery of two lambs!

We went out to check on them first thing in the morning and give the ewes their first bite of silage of the day and there they were, one curled up in the corner next to the mineral bucket and the other on it’s back in the feed trough.

They were a real surprise as it’s about 10 days before we were expecting any and the ewe that popped them out was only meant to have one!

The first lambs of the new flock

The first lambs of the new flock

Unfortunately, Mum had been having a few problems getting up in the mornings for about week or so leading up to giving birth (probably due to a combination of her age and the additional weight of the lambs) so didn’t bond with the pair. She didn’t have much in the way of milk either, and felt putting them in a pen with her would more likely result in her crushing them than anything else, so she’s been popped out to graze and we’ve two pet lambs on our hands. They had a good few doses of colostrum through a tube for the first few meals (to ensure they got the best start possible) and have now been switched on to milk, which we bottle feed them four times a day!

If two early arrivals wasn’t enough excitement for one week, I noticed some blood on the back end of one of our very big ewes while giving them a last check and bite to eat before heading to bed. I grabbed her and popped her in one of the lambing pens in the adjacent barn (with help from Iona and her Dad) and after a long, restless night she finally lambed, with a little assistance, at about 5:45 this morning!

New born lamb

New born lamb

This time, Mum is far more interested and was up and licking the little one clean in no time. She’s very protective of him, and has thrown a few headbutts at myself and Iona’s dad already, and has been doing her best to get milk into the lamb, so it looks like she’ll be a good mother!


Three lambs in, all live and kicking, and a week ahead of schedule. What an incredible few days to start, what will inevitably be a long, busy month.


2 thoughts on “New Arrivals

  1. So you start into your herd with a bang! The lambs are real beauties and Since they may be a little premature, the hand feeding will keep you busy for the next weeks. Wishing all the best!


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