We’ve finally brought the first lot of ewes in!


I’ve been wanting to bring them in for a while now, but we’ve had our hands tied by the weather. The ewes need to be dry going in to the shed and thanks to the awful weather we’ve been battered by recently, that just hasn’t happened.

There’s a lot of bad weather forecast for the weekend, so we’ve been lucky that the last few days have been dry enough to allow us to finally make a move.

They’re a pretty docile lot, so it was just a case of blocking up any possible escape routes and luring them out of the field with a bucket of cake. Once they were out, they plodded up the road pretty happily and in to the shed.


I’ve sheep proofed the shed as best as possible, blocked up any potential drafts and bedded up with some wood shavings. Wood shavings will help to soak up any urine, dung or any other moisture that finds it’s way in to the shed, so should help to keep them warm and dry.

I’ve also popped in their feed trough, a Crystalyx Extra High Energy tub to make sure they’re getting all the protein, energy and minerals that they need during such an important time and a big bucket of water for them to drink. Out in the field, sheep will get the water they need from the grass, so by taking them off grazing it is really important to make sure they have a good supply of fresh, clean water, especially at lambing.

While out in the field, the girls showed absolutely no interest in silage, so they were spoiled with pea straw, but I’m giving them another go with silage now that they’re indoors.

It’s nice to have them indoors with a roof over their head and out of the worst weather that the Solway can throw at them. Now I’ll be keeping a close eye on them, making sure they’re happy, healthy and have plenty of food and water. A couple of them are huge and are only expecting singles, so we could have some whoppers on our hands!


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