So, I know I’ve already done one post today, but almost immediately after publishing I popped out to check the chickens and made a discovery.

I opened the door to our hen house to check on them to find the Rooster had weaseled his way in (that’s not the discovery!) and while shooing him out I found our very eggs!

Our very first egg

Our very first egg!

There were two eggs inside the house, unfortunately not in the nest boxes, but at least they’re laying inside and not somewhere out in the garden or further afield on the farm.

We were both ridiculously excited and haven’t a clue what to make with them yet, but here’s hoping there’ll be plenty more to come!


4 thoughts on “First Eggs!

    • Had them this morning for breakfast! The conical one was a double yoker too. Don’t know if it’s just a placebo effect, but they tasted so much better than commercial, shop bought ones

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  1. Hahaha, we just had this happen to us too! And I must say, I find they totally do taste better than store bought :). Although that could easily be excitement, lol. I’ve found we’re about to start making quiche in order to use the dozen we’ve stocked up on.

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