So, I’m currently writing this blog from a lovely, warm cafe in Castle Douglas, while ramming a giant chocolate brownie in my face and washing it all down with my second pot of tea! This blogging thing is getting expensive…

Today is the second consecutive day I’ve been off farm this week, so I’m trying not to get carried away with all the excitement, but it means I’ve got plenty to share with you all.

Yesterday morning was spent in Kirkcudbright hospital, being poked, prodded and pulled about by a nice physiotherapist whose latest task is to try and stop me falling to bits. Don’t worry, I’m not going to bore you with all the problems with my ankles, feet, knees, hips, shoulders and neck in this blog. You’ll get that one on a day when I’m really struggling for things to write about!

Following my appointment I headed off up in to the hills to meet Marcus Maxwell and his wife Kate and have a look at their fantastic farm. Marcus and Kate run over 2,000 Romney ewes on a spectacular 2500 acre farm in New Galloway and have used their experience of living and working in New Zealand to create a fantastic easicare system to create an excellent, balanced approach to sheep farming.

Photo courtesy of Viewfield Romneys

Photo courtesy of Viewfield Romneys

Marcus is a former Farmers Weekly Sheep Farmer of the Year, so I knew he would be an excellent person to contact for advice and after a few quick emails, we had organised a visit, and both Marcus and Kate were incredibly welcoming and helpful. I took a trip round their land to get a feel for the way Marcus approaches farming and the trip has given me plenty of food for thought. Purchasing sheep is definitely something I’m hoping to do in the future and after yesterday, the Romney breed is more appealing than ever!

If this blog has piqued your interest, you can find out all about Marcus, Kate and their wonderful sheep at their website – Viewfield Romneys – They even have a lovely holiday home, so you can go and see the Romneys for yourself!

I was lucky enough to get back to the farm before the awful weather sat in, as about 10 minutes after getting in the power went out. Thankfully, I’d managed to boil the kettle and get a cup of tea before we lost the leccy! As we live right on the coast, there’s nothing to shelter us from the weather, so the last few days we have been absolutely battered by high winds coming in from the Irish Sea. It’s taken out our phone and internet (hence the pair of us heading out to the bright lights of Castle Douglas to blog and work!) and we are enjoying regular bursts of power cuts.

Thankfully all the livestock are ok and nothing on the farm has been damaged (so far), but checking the sheep this morning was far from fun. I don’t know if you’ve ever tried walking directly in to 40+ mph winds, but it’s safe to say I’ve done my exercise for the day and earned that chocolate brownie!

During my walk around the sheep/battle with the elements I noticed one of our storm drains had become clogged up with a lot of weeds so off came all my nice, warm layers and down I hopped to get it unblocked and help some of the backed up water get away. Blockages seem to be a recurring theme on the blog this week…

Clearing out the drain

Clearing out the drain

There doesn’t seem a much better way of ending the blog than with a photo of me showing off my buns while pulling weeds from a drain so…

Catch you all soon!


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