I started this blog to try and share as much of my day to day life on the farm, so unfortunately some blogs, just like my days and weeks, are going to be a little less exciting or eventful than others.

Unfortunately this is going to be one of those. Sorry folks.

My week so far has been spent in the back of the farm’s Teagle bale chopper. We use the chopper to shred our silage bales, this makes the silage easier to distribute to the cattle and mixes any spoiled or mouldy grass up to ensure it isn’t heavily concentrated. With all the calves in for the winter, there’s more silage to feed and in turn, more bales to shred, so the chopper is being used at least a couple of times a day.

All this extra use, combined with a couple of particularly dry bales, caused the bale chopper to become blocked this week, so I spent much of Monday lying in the chopper with my arms between the blades cutting away at the blockages with a stanley knife.

My view this week

My view this week

Once the blockages were clear, we fired the tractor up to test the chopper and everything was back in working order. That evening we headed up to the farm house to help do farm paperwork, where Iona’s dad informed me that he had chopped a bale for the evening feed and the chopper had blocked again!


So today was spent pulling and hacking away at two more blockages between the blades. It took most of the morning to clear these as the silage had become wedged really tight and the wads were pretty thick, but we got there in the end!

Not an exciting week so far but hopefully I’ll have a few interesting things to share with you all later in the week!


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